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Playing catch up!

I just finished Design Garden's Kids Trends Workshop and learned more about pattern design and licensing images! It was fantastic and packed full of information and projects! At the same time I was doing a watercolor for my niece's college graduation and trying to continue with the Ginger & Giles book illustrations! Now I am about done with the painting and ready to continue the book!  But life doesn't want to slow down... my husband started a new job this past Spring and we need to move closer to his office. So, we put our home (the one I've been in the longest in my life... 10 years... and the one my children grew up in) on the market. It sold in 6 days! Now we are scrambling to finish a fixer-upper we purchased before the move-in date next month! I have never been busier in my whole life! Everything is good, though, besides the fact that I will miss Lancaster terribly because I really love it here, especially my friends and my church! But, I am used to moving so I'm sure I will meet more nice people and more opportunities will present themselves. Keeping a positive attitude makes all the difference! :)

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