Bethany Hissong


Welcome to my new blog!

While this website is brand new, I have been out in the blogging realm since 2007 with my popular blog "Red Yarn". At that point I was exploring all the creative outlets that were shared online and watched as little known artists and writers grew their audiences to amazing numbers. I was busy raising my children, even homeschooling them the year that I started blogging, so I didn't actively seek design work at that time. I was freelancing whenever someone needed me and that suited me and my time well. During 2009 we opened Hatch Studio & Gallery to showcase many indie-artists and so I could teach art classes. That was fun but too much work for a single person, especially during the recession when it was hard to promote. So we closed the doors and I put my focus on my own daughter and son's endeavors during their high school years. (I have very creative children!)

As they tend to do, my kids grew up! They are now both in college as of this past fall and it was time to embark on what I like to call "Act 3"!  My first "Act" was my professional career as a teacher and a designer/illustrator. My second "Act" was being a mommy which will always be my most important job ever and one I think I did pretty well-- I'll take credit now that they seem to have survived childhood and have been successful, happy and healthy thus far!  This past year I started to take classes online to learn to use the latest tools in Photoshop and Illustrator, and that opened wide the doors of what I could do with my work. In fact, I'm sort of addicted to creating now and am only happy when I can pull out my sketchbook and then my laptop and make the pictures come to life.  It really is true that happiness is found when you are doing what you were made to do. I hope to explore more ways to share and sell my work in the coming months and I don't plan on putting down my pencil until the day I die.

Thanks for checking out my blog and please sign up for email alerts... I plan to be offering free stuff through that in the future! ;)